Tricore specialize in the supply and repair of large diameter 17 ½” – 36” roller cone mill tooth and tungsten carbide insert drill bits for sale or rental to the global oil and gas drilling industry.

We repair and refurbish customer owned bits and have the largest bit refurbishment and maintenance facility in the UK. With an inventory in excess of 1000 bits Tricore is able to supply roller cone bits in sizes ranging from 3 7/8” – 36” to Land Drilling, HDD, Water Well, Mining and the Construction industry.

We offer a range of hole openers and downhole tools which means we can provide complete top hole drilling assemblies, whether it is a 36” hole Opener and 26” bit combination or a 36” roller cone bit we are able to supply your complete top hole package.

The FAST Technology Solutions patented innovative stabiliser reamer offers the fresh technical approach needed by the operators in the current climate. FAST is a no risk solution that has proven to work as a replacement tool and not as an additional tool. FAST delivers substantial cost reductions through targeting vibration at it's root cause which leads to greatly improved drilling efficiency.

FAST can be used in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.

FAST can be used in benign, hard and ultra abrasive formations ensuring a problem free, high quality well bore is delivered everytime.

More detailed information on FAST can be found here - FAST Technology Solutions